10 Valentine’s Day DIYs For Your Favorite People

1. For Mom

Let’s face it: No one’s love is as unconditional as Mom’s. Show her how much you appreciate it by gathering some of your favorite family photos and creating a photo collage on a wall or in a frame. Bonus points for including baby pictures.

2. For Your Best Friend

She’s the girl you called after every awful breakup and amazing first date – you owe her one, and this cute wire heart necklace should be just the thing to show your appreciation.

3. For Dad

Maybe Dad’s a little more reserved than Mom is, but you know he still loves you. DIY a chalkboard mug to leave him a note with his morning coffee – maybe he’ll tell you one of those groan-inducing dad jokes in return.

4. For Your Co-workers

Don’t waste time trying to figure out if Sally who sits two desks over is pro- or anti-Valentine’s Day – just whip up a batch of these adorable heart-shaped cupcakes and let them do the talking. Even bitter souls can’t say no to baked goods.

5. For Your Kid Sister

These fun pom-pom creatures make an excellent gift for any little ones in your life – even better if you can attach them to a candy bar for maximum bribing power.

6. For Your Secret Crush

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to confess your love for that barista you’ve been following around crushing on. Balance the creepy and cute with an anatomical Valentine card slipped into the tip jar.

7. For Your Favorite Teacher

Apples are so last year – make sure your favorite teacher will remember you forever with the gift of a plant nestled in a pot that you decorated yourself.

8. For Your Boyfriend

He’s been carrying around that same beat-up wallet for years now. Brush up on your sewing skills and make him a new leather one that he won’t mind pulling out after that fancy romantic dinner you have planned.

9. For Your Grandma

Grandparents love hand-made gifts – especially when they can display them with pride. A framed cross-stitch heart should do the trick.

10. For Yourself

Now that you’ve shown everyone in your life how much they mean to you, don’t forget to pamper yourself a little, with a DIY lavender-honey bath melt.

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