13 Things Celebrities Did This Week

1. Leona Lewis announced that she’s going to be in a film.


It’s a musical rom com called Holiday!, and it’ll be out next summer. So excited.

2. Union J’s JJ had a baby.

Getty / Stuart C. Wilson


And his name is Princeton. “It’s official,” JJ tweeted. “At 9.30am today I became a daddy. Our healthy little boy arrived at a weight of 6lb! Sooo happy right now!” Awh.

3. Kim’s warned Kendall to stay away from Harry Styles.


“Kim knows all about being played and fears Kendall will get hurt by the king of heartbreakers,” a source told Now. It’s probably for the best…

4. Kelly Brook has finally forgiven Katie Price.

They’ve been bickering for years, but now they’ve buried the hatchet. “I’ve nothing against Katie Price at all now,” Kelly said on Celebrity Juice. “I like her.” FINALLY.

5. X Factor’s Tamera and Sam are an item.

Getty / Mark Robert Milan

Getty / Mark Robert Milan


“Yes, we’re seeing each other,” Tamera told Now. And Sam wants to meet her family next week, before making it official. Bless.

6. Prince William did a cheeky singalong with Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi.

Dominic Lipinski / PA Photos / Landov

The trio sang “Livin’ On A Prayer” at a charity bash last week, and it was the best thing that’s ever happened.

7. Rachel Riley has split up from hubbie Jamie Gilbert.

“He has no idea where this has come from,” a source told Reveal. “Rachel just told him they had grown apart.” :(

8. TOWIE’s Tom Pearce was rejected by MIC’s Lucy Watson.

Getty / Niki Nikolova


Now that it’s over with Lucy Mek, Tom is newly single. He tried his luck with Lucy Watson at Now’s Christmas party, but apparently she wasn’t keen.

9. Richard Madeley revealed that he always went commando on Richard and Judy.

Getty / Ian Gavan


10. Amy Childs and Harry Derbridge might be returning to TOWIE.

Getty / Ian Gavan


“Producers have spoken to Amy and Harry about possibly returning, and they’re thinking of inviting Lauren Goodger back too,” a source told Reveal. OMG SO EXCITED.

11. Holly Valance and Nick Candy had a baby girl.

Getty / Simon Burchell

Her name is Luka Violet Toni Candy and Nick told Reveal, “Holly is a perfect mother.” <3.

12. MIC’s Mario went on a date with Big Brother’s Louise.

Getty / Dan Kitwood

Getty / Pete Norton


They met in a nightclub and went into “flirting overdrive,” a source told Reveal. And apparently Lucy’s angry. No surprises there, then.

13. Elton John thinks reality TV stars should be assassinated.

“With reality television, you get all these nightmare people who want to be sucessful, when you really want them to be assassinated,” he said. Wow, don’t back then.

Sources: Star, Reveal and Now.

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