‘April Fool’s Day’? ‘Proud of Obama’s Presidency’ trend reveals the ‘failure’ it has been

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With less than a year remaining in his term, those who still support President Obama are trying to put a positive spin on his time in office. This New York Times article yesterday initiated a “Proud of Obama’s Presidency” trend.

There’s one major problem for them: Obama’s record.

Here are some actual sentiments from Obama fans:

Obama drama? Never. Bullying? Please.

And all this time we thought the bin Laden raidwas carried out by our brave Navy SEALs.

Now that’s actually one legacy Obama will leave: Accusing Republicans of being behind everything, including his failed policies.

Wow.Here is a reality check:

Pretty much sums it up. His presidency has failed working Americans and emboldenedthe enemies of this country. But hey, he is probably getting pretty good at sinking a 10-foot putt.

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