Beautiful Portraits Show How Those With Down Syndrome See Themselves

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Dai Lyn PowerDai Lyn Power

Dai Lyn Power

Photographer Dai Lyn Power gives people born with Down syndrome glossy red lipstick and fur coats and makes them feel like 1970s supermodels.

Power, née Linda Dajana Krüger, wants to change the perception of those with Down syndrome. The German artist is known for her original photography, including a series of street style shots featuring senior citizens.

Although the developmental disorder shapes the lives of one in every 800 births, each person with Down syndrome is a unique with his or her own personality and sense of humor.

The project, titled “Real Prettiness,” is a reminder that people with disabilities can’t just be filed under one title.

The artist contacted a disability employment organization, which put her in touch with the participants.

The resulting images are flashy and unforgettable.

Power told Huffington Post she had incredible fun shooting the project.

She said, “I looked for outfits which fit them and they felt comfortable with.”

“They liked their make-up so much that they didn’t want to remove it in the evening.”

“They were very proud… they told everybody at their workplace and at their residential home about the shooting and their experience.”

These photos go a long way toward changing an outdated stereotype of disability.

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