Chuck Grassley goes after the History Channel again

As we have noted before, Sen. Chuck Grassley is not a fan of the programming on the History Channel at times. Today, he reiterated his displeasure.

There were some very entertaining responses to his opinion.

@ChuckGrassley I know, right?? Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars and Mountain History in these shows? #comeonhistorychannel

— Mary Wilson-Sholler (@thequiltsister) June 23, 2012

@ChuckGrassley Seriously, get over it. History is underated. Hence WHY none of it! #Pun

— Dirty-Potential (@NanoBot13) June 23, 2012

@ChuckGrassley The History Channel finally figured out who won WWII; now they're working out how we're going to pay the heating bill.

— Stefan Edward Jones (@StefanEJones) June 23, 2012

@ChuckGrassley There ought to be a law or something.

— Barry Schwartz (@chemoelectric) June 23, 2012

@ChuckGrassley Many network have changed their format and not their name. A&E used to really have the arts on it. Now fake reality show crap

— Rick Again (@Rickagain) June 23, 2012

@HStreetDC_ @ChuckGrassley w/ all due respect, Senator, they explore history constantly in Pawn Stars. Examine items, provide social context

— Bill (@DCBeerBill) June 23, 2012

@ChuckGrassley If you were in charge of the History Channel what would you put on?

— Big Swag Haver (@ODonnellKM84) June 23, 2012

@ChuckGrassley Nice to know I'm not the only one annoyed.

— Mair (@MairZdoatz) June 23, 2012

@ChuckGrassley I was complaining about that just last night. Nothing on the History Channel that I enjoy watching anymore.

— Tom Head (@_tomhead) June 23, 2012

Some found it as an opportunity to hurl personal attacks at the senator.

.@ChuckGrassley The nurses will be by to change the channel for you, Pepaw. Cocoon starts in ten minutes.

— Imani ABL (@AngryBlackLady) June 23, 2012

If you want humor, follow @ChuckGrassley. The man is an actual senator but tweets like a parody account.

— Melvin Backman (@MelvinBackman) June 23, 2012

@AZTanya @chuckgrassley Is Chuck's senility showing lately? It's like he's drunk tweeting 24/7.

— Mary (@MFL1956) June 23, 2012

@ChuckGrassley There is much more history knowledge on Pawn Stars than in your tiny brain.

— Allen Boyd (@THE1_AB) June 23, 2012

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