Community Post: 14 Everyday Trials And Tribulations Of Naturally Skinny Girls

1. Constantly hearing things like “real women have curves!” causes you to frequently question your entire existence.

I’m not real?!

2. Plus people keep telling you that “men prefer women with curves”.

3. Only the more expensive shops seem to sell clothes in extra small sizes.

Most high street shops employ vanity sizing, so small sizes aren’t really small any more.

4. Sometimes you go ahead and buy clothes that are a bit too big. What’s the worst that could happen?


5. Skinny jeans look like this on you.

On the plus side, when baggy jeans come back into fashion you’re sorted.

6. Sitting on wooden benches and hard-backed chairs is like this…

Hard chairs and prominent spines do NOT mix.

7. When you order a Coke, people assume you meant Diet Coke.

That is not what I wanted.

8. When people shout “You should eat a burger!” at you, you think they are inviting you out to lunch.

“Sure, I’d love to get a burger with you! Hey, where are you going? Oh, okay, so I’ll just wait here for my burger, right?” I thought we were gonna be friends.

9. When you tell people you’re struggling to gain weight, they make suggestions like “Have you tried eating more?”

No. That thought had not occurred to me.

10. Your hip bones stick out and if you accidentally bump into a hard surface the pain is the worst.

11. People you’ve just met ask if you have an eating disorder.

12. If you accidentally lose a couple of pounds, all your clothes will become too big.

13. Your jutting hip bones put you in the middle of the media storm surrounding the “bikini bridge” hoax.

It’s no fun inadvertently finding yourself at the centre of a cause célèbre.

14. Strangers try to touch you, like all the time.

Things strangers have thought are okay to do to me without asking – put their hands around my waist and tell me I’m “too skinny” and literally pick me up off my feet and comment on how little I weigh. Not okay!

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