Community Post: 19 Tips For Sleeping On The Train

1. Make yourself comfortable

2. Getting hot? Just unzip your cardigan

3. Stretch yourself out

4. No, really, stretch yourself out

5. Tables make excellent footrests

6. Too much light? Cover your eyes with a scarf

8. Nowhere to rest your poor, weary head? Use a pole

9. Plastic bottles make perfect pillow replacements

10. As do fellow passengers

11. No seats available? Sleep on a luggage rack

12. Sleep under a luggage rack

13. Or just on the floor in the middle of the carriage

14. How about multi-tasking? Grab a snooze and a snack

(Not strictly a train, but the message remains the same)

15. Listen to the new Justin Timberlake album

16. Give yourself a caffeine boost with a cup of coffee

17. Protect yourself from deadly viruses

18. Catch up on the day’s headlines

19. And most importantly, remember there will probably be someone waiting with a camera, so always strike a pose

Thanks to @SleepyCommuters for this compilation. For more tired travellers, visit their Twitter page.

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