Community Post: 42 Curiosities Seen At The Mermaid Parade

1. This woman who is a pineapple-ukulele hybrid

2. This dude who forgot the shower curtains weren’t there

3. Don’t even act like you don’t know what this is

In case you seriously don’t know. Seriously?

4. Sparkly Guidos and their friends

5. The perfect thing for the backyard

6. Unicycling Sea Monkeys

7. A young hopeful in the new health-conscious Coney Island Air Eating Competition

8. A living, breathing figurehead from a pirate ship

9. World’s Best Heath Ledger as The Joker Impersonator

10. The best Dad in the universe and his lucky, lucky offspring

11. Runner up

12. Nothing to see here, just checking if her fins are tied

13. By far the coolest wizard seen this side of Hogwarts or Middle Earth

14. Zombie Mermaids

15. Mermaids who look like Venom from Spiderman

16. “Where Are They Now?”- Ariel, The Little Mermaid

17. Our new leader

18. PB&J Advocates

19. A VERY vengeful thunder cloud

20. Worlds tallest woman

21. A tarantula head

22. Max and the Wild Things*

*Already a band name :(

23. Extraordinary flood preparation

24. Coordinated Mer-Dance

25. Fishy transportation methods

26. A hotdog that is too cool for school

27. The most intricate body makeup we’ve seen all year

Alright let’s be real: all hour

28. Extreme tea partying mermaids

29. Chained up zombie sailor and his girlfriend

30. Occupy Wall Street’s long mysterious leader

31. Steve Zissou and his mysterious daughter

32. Optimus Prime IRL

33. Cart-driven pole dancers

35. A guy who is not even saving that woman from certain tentacle-related death

36. A vintage strongman

37. A rag tag marching band

You rascals!

38. A fire-eating daredevil

39. Conch blowing coral king

40. Mermen guards with tridents

41. A guy who photobombs from the inside

42. The best and worst part of any parade

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