Community Post: The 10 Types Of Instagram Pictures

1. Scenery or Skyline

“If you couldn’t tell from my previous Instagram of the plane wing and the caption ‘NEW YORKKKK,’ I’m in NY!”

2. Couples

“My boo took me to dinner and a movie! It’s only been a few weeks but he’s my forever!!!!! xoxo”

3. Selfies

“About to go to sleep so I look gross LOL #nofilter”

4. Current Activity

“Listening to Beyoncé while I run!”

5. Pool Legs

“I’m so tan and hot! Aren’t you jealous?” PS check out

6. Snapchat Screenshots

“Oh my gosh, my friend’s face looks so dumb, doesn’t it? Guys?!”

7. Themed Photos by Day of the Week

“Mom, get my old baby photos – It’s Transformation Tuesday.” (or worse: half naked ladies on Woman Crush Wednesday.)

8. Pets (mostly cats)


9. Foodstagram

“I paid like $50 for this meal JUST so I could Instagram it.”

10. Starbucks (or any coffee shop equivalent)

“They spelled my name wrong on my Starbucks cup! Ugh!”

If this isn’t what your Instagram feed looks like then, by all means, introduce me to your friends because clearly they’re more interesting and creative than mine.

What other Instagram clichés do you see on your timeline?

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