Homeless Bodybuilder Doesn’t Let Anything Keep Him From Working Out (Video)

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As far as I’m concerned, there is no force stronger than determination. Save for the physically impossible, we all have the capacity to do whatever it is we desire, so long as we’re determined enough to make it happen.

One French man named Jacques Sayagh demonstrates this truth better than anyone else. Life dealt Sayagh a sh*tty card, leaving him homeless.

But instead of allowing the situation to get the best of him, Sayagh decided he’d continue doing what he loves: exercising.

Despite the circumstances, Sayagh finds ways to work out, using makeshift exercise equipment and his own body weight to complete rigorous routines. The 50-year-old even competes in bodybuilding competitions and contests.

Sayagh’s ability to maintain a sense of ambition despite his obviously unfortunate circumstances is incredibly inspiring.

Watch the interview up top to learn more about his life — the captions aren’t great (you’ll need them unless you speak French), but the 6-minute documentary is interesting nonetheless.

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