How To Properly Pet Animals


16 Responses to “How To Properly Pet Animals”

  1. memtig says:

    All I saw on the pig was bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon

  2. CrazyCarretta says:

    If you do work up the courage to quit being a bunch of wimps and pet a snake (that’s not your dick) Go head to tail

  3. thedoctor792 says:

    my sixth grade geography teacher always used to tell my class how he pet his fish

  4. Billyberdeen says:

    I love petting bugs!

  5. rattlebone10 says:

    and Ribs.

  6. FlameHaed003 says:

    I don’t know about that dog one, a majority of dogs I have met (including my own) always go nuts when I rub the spot just above their tail.

  7. Adombom says:

    +1 for ‘He’ll lose his power rings.’ Did you make this? If not, source?

  8. littlegingerone says:

    hehee i like this

  9. Cooper1977 says:

    My cat loves belly rubs.

  10. SileAnimusIIIIINotOnImgur says:

    I’ve seen enough porn on 4chan to tell you that rubbing a unicorn’s horn does something else

  11. Galts says:

    If this OC, great job. “The real Wolverine” is the best. “…maybe” XD

  12. feryooday says:

    … Maybe

  13. halvy says:

    wait what the fuck? my cat will fucking go beserk if you pet the base of his tail.

  14. LordDaftWager says:

    My cat has an omg yes behind the ears and on the top of her head.

  15. hangryhangryhippo says:

    in my experience, dogs LOVE their behinds sctratched

  16. CrazyCarretta says:

    I’m dissapointed that neither of the horse ones say “Neigh”