Mark Zuckerberg Posts Hugely Popular Message To Muslims

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It must be weird if you’re Mark Zuckerberg and you post something to Facebook. Most of us hope for a couple of likes, a few comments, and a bit of chat. Whenever he posts anything, millions are watching.

His latest Facebook post was a message of support for the Muslim community.

The timing of his message would suggest it is on response to a certain Presidential candidate’s comments on banning Muslims from entering the USA. The message is important because Muslims need to be aware that the rest of the world isn’t against them. Whilst a select few continue to try andforce a divide, theyare playing into the hands of ISIS. Public figures such as Zuckerberg showing their support helps dilute the hate.

Meanwhile, on a much less serious note. It would seem the Zuckerberg’s philanthropy is out in full force again. He has decided to give $4.5 million away to 1,000 randoms. It’s on Facebook so it has to be true. All you have to do is copy and paste this message…oh wait…we have been here before.

C’mon Alison from Brisbane, you know better than this!


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