Mom Finds Weird Drugs In Daughter’s Drawer, But 16-Year-Old’s Response Turns Everything Upside Down

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When Lisa Banks from Bedford, Texas found a suspicious-looking bag of colorful pills in her 16-year-old daughter Ashley’s bedside drawer, she naturally feared the worst. But as you can see from the hilarious exchange that ensued, not everything was quite as it seemed…

Ashley was at a friend’s house when she received a text from her mom along with a photograph of the suspected contraband. “Ashley Carol I will not have drugs in my house,” read Lisa’s angry SMS. “Your (sic) grounded. Come home this instant.” All was forgiven however when Ashley explained to her mom what those “drugs” actually were. Read on for the full hilarious story that’s been liked 65k times on Twitter and shared by almost 50,000 people. The moral of the story? Don’t jump to conclusions. Well, that and don’t keep suspicious-looking pills in your bedside drawer…

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