My life is now complete.


12 Responses to “My life is now complete.”

  1. starjump12 says:

    The Agassi.

  2. Relyks76 says:

    White people.

  3. trepper88 says:

    Danny Broflex.

  4. WhatUpMyNinjas says:

    This looks like a definite purchase, but I’m going to have to mullet over for some time.

  5. eggmuffin says:

    … And? How is that a plot twist? Hair is hair.

  6. SirSickNasty says:

    i shaved my head today… i need this

  7. DJGnarly says:

    I don’t think anywhere on this really says “business.” Front back or otherwise…

  8. CaptainButtbeard says:

    The most effective birth control

  9. Cavalish says:

    It seems like a good purchase, but I would have to mullet over.