Nursing Home Residents Re-enacting Classic Movies Is The Greatest Thing You’ll See All Day.

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If you’ve ever seen the movie Calendar Girls (and I’m not admitting I have), then you’ll know it’s about a group of senior ladies who decide to make a calendar to raise money. These German nursing home residents decided to take that idea and do it in real life, only men and women alike were getting in on the fun. They decided to re-enact classic movies for the calendar… with honestly fantastic results.

“Titanic” – Erna Rütt (86) and Alfred Kelbch (81)

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – Marianne Brunsbach (86)

“Rocky” – Erwin J. von der Heiden (80)

“Mary Poppins” – Erna Schenk (78)

“The Seven Year Itch” – Ingeborg Giolbass (84) and Erich Endlein (88)

“Blues Brothers” – Margarete Schmidt (77) and Lothar Wischnewski (76)

“Cabaret” – Martha Bajohr (77)

“Giants” – Joanna Trachenberg (81) and Horst Krischat (78)

“Saturday Night Fever” – Irmgard Alt, (79) and Siegfried Gallasch (87)

“Dirty Dancing” – Johann Liedtke (92) and Marianne Pape (79)

“Easy Rider” – Walter Loeser (98) and Kurt Neuhaus (90)

“GoldenEye” – Wilhelm Buiting (89)

If I don’t see the senior citizen version of GoldenEye soon, my life will be a waste. Source: These senior citizens are awesome. Share their calendar with others by clicking the share button below.

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