April Fools’ Day Wasn’t Always About Pranks — Here’s The Real Story Behind It

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April Fools' Day Wasn't Always About Pranks -- Here's The Real Story Behind It

Ah, April Fools’ Day — the famous day during which we all have to make sure our toilet paper is accounted for, refuse to answer calls from numbers we don’t recognize, and generally question anything our loved ones tell us. So how did this stupid holiday even come about? The truth is that it developed […]


‘April Fool’s Day’? ‘Proud of Obama’s Presidency’ trend reveals the ‘failure’ it has been

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'April Fool's Day'? 'Proud of Obama's Presidency' trend reveals the 'failure' it has been

With less than a year remaining in his term, those who still support President Obama are trying to put a positive spin on his time in office. This New York Times article yesterday initiated a “Proud of Obama’s Presidency” trend. There’s one major problem for them: Obama’s record. Here are some actual sentiments from Obama […]