The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 16: Blues Brothers

1. Tony Romo, Fourth-Quarter Hero

When the improbable becomes possible.

2. Sad Sacks

The Cowboys hadn’t even scored the winning TD yet! They just knew.

3. In Which Dan Snyder Kinda Gives Us All The Middle Finger

Either way, ol’ Danny was not too pleased with today’s outcome.

4. Jason Garrett Doesn’t Have Time For Your Tomfoolery

The shovee is actually Dallas director of security Larry Wansley, and this “shove” was all in good fun. SORRY TO RUIN IT FOR YOU.

5. Le’Veon Bell Hurdles High

Like Luigi from Super Mario Bros. 2. The legs just never stop moving.

6. What A D-Head

Technically speaking.

7. OK, Tom Brady Is Just Screwing With Us All

Really? Again? Yeah, not buying it.

8. This Poor, Oblivious Cameraman Didn’t Deserve Such A Fate


9. Come Rain Or Come Shine

This family was plenty happy before the rain came. Not so much afterwards.

10. Michael Floyd Beats The Seahawks With A Ridiculous Last-Minute Touchdown

Boy howdy, that was some kind of miraculous win the Cardinals pulled off in Seattle.

11. Geno Smith Probably Watches A Lot Of Italian Soccer


12. Luckiest Interception Of The Year Goes To…

Right place, right time. (This alternate angle is amazing.)

13. This Redskins Lineman Knows Exactly Who The Penalty Is On


14. After 14 Years, Brad Meester Finally Gets To Catch A Pass

Playing in his final home game, after 14 years with the Jacksonville Jaguars, center Brad Meester was the recipient of his first-ever pass target in the NFL. And it was a first down! He’s retiring after next week’s game. Maybe he was playing the wrong position all along.

15. Robert Woods Now Knows How Hard A Football Helmet Truly Is

This is both stupid and painful. At least he was ejected before he could break any more fingers.

16. In Charlotte, Superman Delivers

Cam Newton knocked off the Saints with this nifty touchdown pass with less than 30 seconds remaining, securing the team’s first playoff berth since 2008.

17. Peyton Goes For 50

This pass tied the all-time single-season TD record, held by Tom Brady…

18. And One More For The Record

…and this one broke it a few minutes later. Peyton Manning: Your prospective NFL MVP, without any doubt.

19. Inexplicable Fumble Of The Week: Butterfingers Edition

At least we all know what will be keeping Richard Turbin awake tonight.

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