The world's suavest ice skating dude – 1937


10 Responses to “The world's suavest ice skating dude – 1937”

  1. JackTheZipper says:

    Brian Boitano’s Grandpa?

  2. GoBlue says:

    Smooth as ice.

  3. LeMoosh says:

    Smooth criminal

  4. iHaveToPoop says:

    If it suited them, they did

  5. michaelvo2 says:

    We skate to one song and one song only

  6. kinggambit says:

    seems like itd be fun for the first week, then a bit of a chore in my opinion

  7. colinkarr says:

    Idk bout WORLD’S suavest! Maybe ICE RINK’S suavest…okay maybe just top 3 cuz I’m seeing some pretty suavalicious fellas in the background.

  8. oberkrom says:

    Cuttin’ up the Ritz.

  9. iHaveToPoop says:

    He’s about to pull out two tommy guns and do a triple axel while shooting them off into the air

  10. ILoveKpopAndFood says:

    So classy! I wish I was around for that time