This 15-Year-Old Girl Was Thrown In PRISON With Real Thugs And Criminals. See What Happens Next!

Anyone that’s ever seen an episode of Beyond Scared Straight knows that the program is designed to teach kids the true consequences of what their current actions will bring them by giving them just a little taste of what prison is actually like.

These kids come from all walks of life from every religion, race and creed, but the one thing they all have in common is their criminal activity and all-around crappy attitudes towards authority figures. The inmates from the prisons featured in the show that get to interact with these kids are all criminals serving time for any number of crimes, and their “job” is to tell their stories to, quite literally, scare the kids into behaving better. Naturally they’re not allowed to lay a single finger on the visitors, which is a rule generally followed. Not this time.

Fifteen-year-old Lexi was sent to the program by her mother for her love of fighting, stealing, cussing and an all-around unruly personality, little did she know just how effective it would end up being. While in the prison the young girl thought she was big and tough enough to act hard towards men serving time for things like murder, and quickly learned just how powerless she really is. One of the inmates she kept berating eventually got sick of her childish sh** and shoved her down, immediately prompting officers to intervene and remove the guy.

Naturally it’ll take a little more than a single prison visit to change her entire attitude, but thankfully she’s stopped fighting and stealing. Prison isn’t all fun and games as Orange is the New Black has shown us, and this program has worked wonders to accurately portray that to the kids with no idea what’s really going on on the inside.

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