Watch In Real Time As 3.1 Million Americans Have Their Thanksgiving Plans Ruined

Of the 41 million Americans expected to travel to visit relatives and friends this Thanksgiving week, 3 million of them will take to the skies. And while holiday air travel is normally its own distinct circle of Hell, this year, nature has decided to add the cruel twist of a massive winter storm system that’s expected to delay flights, slick roads, and threaten your odds of a turkey dinner with family.

But there may be a small silver lining! Thanks to Misery Map, a real-time weather and flight data visualization by the live flight tracking site Flight Aware, you can track the storm as it barrels toward the East Coast, along with airport flight information. Whether you’re stuck at the airport and need to commiserate or already safe at your destination and enjoy taking pleasure in the misery of others, its pretty mesmerizing. Fire it up and stay safe out there!

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