You’ll Never Use iMessage Again Thanks To These Genius WhatsApp Hacks

Double-blue tick marks may be the worst thing to ever happen to relationships, but we still love WhatsApp.It’s taken our social game to a whole new level and, quite frankly, we don’t know how we ever lived without it.

Here are seven secrets that prove WhatsApp is way better than iMessage:

1. Find out who your BFF is.

Go to Settings > Account > Storage Usage. The findings may surprise you.

2. Find out exactly who’s read your message and when.

Simply tap your chosen message to bring up the small menu bar. Choose Info, and it’ll show you who’s definitely read your message, as well as the time when it was read.

3. Turn off your tick marks so that your friends won’t bother you.

There’s a sneaky way to stop your friends from calling you out if you’ve read their messages but haven’t replied. Turn off their notifications by going toAccount > Privacy > Read Receipts.

People won’t be able to see you’ve read their messages.

4. Use WhatsApp at work without getting caught.

You can get WhatsApp on your computer in order to fool everyone into believing you’re actually doing work like a good employee. Follow this link, and scan the QR tag.

5. Mute your group chats.

The FOMO is real when you wake up to hundreds of group chat notifications from the night before. Temporarily turn them off by tapping your group chat name and heading to Mute.

6. Hide your profile photo fromrandoms.

Shy guy? No problem.

You can hide your profile photo from strangers you’ve been added to a group chat with. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy. It’ll give you the choice to display your profile photo and status to everyone, just your contacts or nobody at all.

7. Recover deleted messages.

You can save all your messages to the old, faithful iCloud for safe keeping. Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

It’s time to up your social game.

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